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Close the Knowing & Doing Gap

How The Best Sales Teams Accelerate Revenue

SalesLeadership is a sales development firm focused on helping sales organization’s grow predictable and sustainable revenues.   We integrate emotional intelligence skills with consultative selling skills to accelerate trust and an emotional connection with prospects and customers.   

The combination of Sales EQ and IQ bridge the “knowing and doing” gap.  Often, salespeople know what to do, however, in tougher selling situations they default to non-productive selling behaviors such as inconsistent prospecting, discounting, or meeting with non-decision makers. 
Common sales challenges we hear and improve: 
Empty sales pipelines or pipelines bursting---with unqualified prospects.
Inability to win business from the incumbent---hard time differentiating or proving value.
Decrease the, “What’s your price” conversations.
Common sales management challenges we hear and improve:
Inability to attract and retain top sales talent.  A team of “C” players, not “A.”  
Not sure how to transfer the mindset, skills and habits that made them a top producer.  
Managing excuses, not results.  “If we only had……I could…..” 
Our goal:  Help you and your team achieve the fun quota and sales quota by closing business with the right customers, in less time, at full margin. 

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